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4 port USB power adapter ESB is a solution for charging more than one USB devices at the same time. When you’re traveling to other countries there aren’t that many options for charging your devices. Of course, you could bring the AC adapter for each device but then you’ll also need a country converter for each adapter. When I used to travel I would use the country converter with a power strip for that country’s power options, but what if a power strip isn’t available? One solution to the problem described above is the 4USB Power Adapter. As its name implies, it has four USB ports built-in. In addition, it comes with four world use input plugs that can easily snap on and off, and work with whatever power plugs you may encounter. Once you snap the appropriate plug on, the 4USB Power Adapter (as it’s called on the packaging) will switch to the appropriate voltage automatically (between AC 100-240V). Hand Powe Source: Direct power source for mobile devices. types for North America, Europe, Australia, UK and other countries. - Use in over 150 countries Four (4) supplied plug. - Short circuit protection damage to the charger and mobile device is prevented in case of a short circuit. - Automatic Multi-voltage 100 to 240V AC/DC Switching the unit automatically senses the voltage and charges up your unit. - LED indicator Low profile design for easy storage - Compatible: For iPhone 4/3GS/iPod/iPad, PDA, PSP and other Mobile Phones. Input: AC 100-240V - 50/60Hz Output: 1. 5V-2000mA 2. 5V-1000mA 3. 5V-670mA 4. 5V-500mA Delivery Includes - 4 World use input plugs - Power Adapter - Retail Packaging Box

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