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IP PBX IP01 enables home and SOHO users to build their own VOIP system at very affordable cost and very easy to setup.

IP PBX IP01 is the terminator of IDD and DDD. If you have family member or branch in another city or country, this IP PBX will reduce the telecommunication cost to zero inside your family or company.  All phones in headquarters and branch office (could be in another city or country) registered to IP PBX IP01 can make free internal call and use PSTN line in headquarters or local PSTN line to make external calls. 

All registered phones are portable, they can be used anywhere around the world where there is Internet connection. Ideal for overseas family members, travelers, branches in other city or area.

Asterisk IP PBX IP01 for family and SOHO

One time investment and no monthly bill, extend your phone line to anywhere around the world!

No VPN connection required, very easy to install and config!

Targeting for SOHO user and SMB market with an easy to use graphical interface, IP01 provides a cost-saving solution on their telecommunication/data needs. With IP01, company with branch offices in different countries can be easily combined together to work like a virtual single office through Internet Asterisk embedded IP PBX server IP01 is as small as a cigarette box. It is a complete Asterisk Appliance with one FXO or FXS module. It is an embedded open source Linux system with built-in SIP/IAX2 proxy server and NAT functions. It provides a solid, uniform platform for traditional PSTN communications as well as VoIP communications

Open Source Asterisk IP PBX
High performance OSLEC (Open Source Line Echo Canceller)
Configurable IVR menu
Voice Mail,Voice mail to Email
Call forward, call waiting, call transfer
Call conference
Call queues,Ring group
SIP trunking, IAX trunking
PSTN analog trunk 
Call Detail Record
Access vis: SSH/telnet/web
Firmware upgradable via web interface
50+ available SIP/IAX2 extensions
20 concurrent calls

SOHO/SMB telephony system
Hosted service
FAX terminal
IVR system

1 X RJ45 port
1 X Power port
1 X RS232 port
1 X RJ11 port (FXS/FXO interchangeable)
1 X FXO/FXS module slot

CPU: 400MHz Blackfin 532 Chip
One analog (FXO/FXS) module interface. 
NAND flash 256 M

Open Source uClinux

Introduction of Asterisk

Asterisk is open source software that turns an ordinary Linux computer into a communications server. Asterisk powers IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers and more. It is used by any sizes businesses, small or large businesses, call centers, carriers and governments worldwide. Asterisk is free and open source. See more details on

Set Up Your Own IP-PBX

Asterisk allows you to install in any ordinary home or office computer and make the computer as a IP PBX. It's complete free if you know how to do that. Your knowledge of Linux could reduce minimum investment as low as zero.

If you want to combine your current landline with IP PBX, you only need to buy a PCI-E FXS module or PCI-E FXO module and install it in your computer so that you can plug PSTN phone line from your current phone service provider into the computer to allow users of your IP PBX to receive and make external calls by using the landline.

Asterisk is open source and free, also include web-based GUI configuration tool.

* A computer (PIII class computer with 450MHz CPU and 128M RAM or higher)
* PSTN phone ( the most common landline for family or business )
* PCI-E FXS module or PCI-E FXO module (looks similar as computer graphic card)
* Internet connection which has enough bandwidth to carry voice traffic, such as 1MB bandwidth
* Asterisk which can be downloaded from
* IP phones or an ATA adapter (optional, not required if you use softphone in computer, such as X-lite)

Let's see the steps to set up your own IP-PBX:

1. Download Asterisk@Home package, install in your computer and configure it as a IP PBX. There is a lot of work to do in the configuration and pretty complicate, such as protocol, users, ring group, trunk.
2. Plug your landline to the IP PBX.
3. You can use softphone in other computer or IP phones or ATA adapter to register to the IP PBX.

Your IP PBX is ready now! Users can registered to your IP PBX over the Internet, no matter where they are located. Calls between users are complete free ! Users can use the landline which connects to the IP PBX to make external calls and receive calls to the landline.

Sounds pretty easy and cost nothing, why I still need to buy your IP PBX?

Asterisk installation and configuration requires professional knowledge and it will take many hours to setup and configure, it's pretty mess. You can go to to see what they are discussing. On the other side, a independent computer required to run 24 hours a day as an IP PBX. Even it's a old computer, it still requires power, take space, make noise.

* Our IP PBX comes with pre-installed Asterisk and reduce the configuration to minimum. No professional knowledge required! Customers only need to do very simple and easy setup and configuration. By pressing the reset button, the machine can be restored to factory settings instantly.

* IP PBX IP01 as small as cigarette box and power consumption is as less as 4W, no CPU fan, no noise, work as quietly as a router or modem.

* Our IP PBX can be moved to anywhere very easily, from one home to any home, from one city to another city, from one country to another country.

Buy today at less than US$300 and setup your own IP PBX to enjoy the benefits of VOIP!

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Asterisk IP PBX IP01 enables users to build their own VOIP system at very affordable cost for home and small business

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