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Product Features:

Slimport to HDMI adapter is a mobile device can be connected to a large-screen display of the video adapter, the high-speed Micro usb male to female HDMI standard. DisplayPort technology:

1) SlimPort brand products compatible Mobility DisplayPort standard, is DisplayPort extension.

2) using DisplayPort technology provides functional support for SlimPort products.

3) With DisplayPort, you may apply to the high-resolution display (up to when 60Hz 4K x 2K) put in sound and image, the experience of advanced digital connections, but consumes very little battery power.

SlimPort energy advantages: Selected by the user in the energy SlimPort has obvious advantages. When using a standard display micro-USB cable, while access to the mobile device is charged. And even if you do not have the power cord, SlimPort devices only consume very little power, overall power consumption is very low.

SlimPort connectivity advantages: HDMI for TV, VGA for the projector, while DisplayPort is used for display. Show content has never been so easy on the big screen. . Five Advantages SlimPort technology

① using the USB interface. SlimPort technology does not require the device must be configured MHL interface, only through the existing plug and play USB interface can be realized using the process, greatly expand the choice of display device.

② high-definition mobile devices / 3D technology. SlimPort technology not only allows mobile phones, tablet computers and other equipment in the data transfer to the full HD display devices, but can also be transferred to 3D display device. Achieve rapid conversion between 2D and 3D.

③ connect a variety of display devices. Since the technique requires only the USB interface SlimPort can achieve conversion and signal transmission. Therefore, it can simultaneously connect the mobile device to implement a plurality of displays, the effect of the different applications running on each monitor.

④ extend battery life of mobile devices. In the process connected, SlimPort technology does not consume battery power and reduce the effectiveness of mobile devices, but able to maintain battery life, extend the performance of mobile devices, mobile devices for effective protection.

⑤ free. SlimPort greatest feature of technology is open, so it does not use any royalties or fees

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Computer cable - Slimport 1.8M slimport to HDMI cable

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